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Ghostbusters Slimer Pistachio Watergate Salad #Foodnflix

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For the past few months, my co-writer Lynda has been participating in the Food n Flix Club cooking challenge, where bloggers get together to watch an agreed upon movie and then make a dish that is inspired by the movie.

It looks like a lot of fun, so when she mentioned that this month's movie was Ghostbusters 2016, I asked if I could take it on. Don't be shocked - buy I may be the only person in the US who has never seen any of them!

So, I decided to watch the original version which came out in 1984, and then watch the newest version which came out in 2016!

The original was out two years before I was even born, and needless to say, it seemed like such an outdated and silly movie!

I mean, after 30+ years, it is crazy to see where film has gone. This movie oh my goodness, I do not even know what to say. It was really hard for me to actually sit there and watch it. The graphics, the jokes, the special effects, oh man! I wonder if some movies have to be experienced when they're enjoying great popularity to really appreciate them?

Watching the updated version a few days later was really fun! I mean Kristen Wiig was in it, and she is one of my favorite ladies of comedy! This version's graphics were bright, colorful and so different from the original. I really liked it!

The storyline tried to mimic the original, but some parts were just so off base, I didn't know what to think of the remake as it might compare to the original (I know some fans of the classic movie had some strong opinions about that), but I liked it fine.

While watching both movies, there are a lot of food references, and you can see people eating things throughout the movie.

What stood out for me was Green Slime (both ectoplasm and Slimer), Pizza, Chinese Food and marshmallows!

I thought I might go the Chinese food route, and follow in the classic scene where they state "this magnificent meal is the last of our petty cash" and try a budget friendly version of Chinese food, or the Wonton Soup issue from the 2016 version.

Or, I could try to make some type of green slime or Ectoplasam but really, besides Jello, I did not know what direction to go with that!

In the end, I decided to do something with Marshmallows because well, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was the last and biggest threat that the GhostBusters defeated at the end of the movie (twice!).

So with Marshmallows as my food of choice, I thought it would be fun to do something that is also green in honor of the mischievous Slimer who caused such mayhem in both movies.! Keep with the theme right?

There were so many possibilities... I thought of Slimer popcorn with green food coloring into the marshmallows. I thought the obvious Rice Krispie treats, and then I remembered something that my grandma used to make that I was obsessed with as a kid!

Pistachio Pudding or as it is also known - Watergate Salad!! It incorporates the green in the pudding itself and also marshmallows! I knew that my kids would love this idea so decided to run with this one!!  I think it would make a great addition to any table full of Halloween dishes.

It is a pretty simple recipe and takes just a few minutes to prepare it. Win win in my house!

Ghostbusters Slimer Pistachio Watergate Salad
Prep Time- 5 minutes

1 Box of Jello Pistachio Flavored instant pudding
1 20oz can of Crushed Pineapple, Undrained
1 cup of Mini Marshmallows
1 container of Cool Whip, thawed
1/2 cup of chopped Pecans ( or nuts of your choice)

*Do not make the pudding as it is stated on the box! The pineapple juice will make up for the milk that is needed in the traditional making of the pudding. As well as the Cool Whip.

*the original recipe calls for the whole can of pineapple and juice. I scoop out the pineapple (not strain) and omit the juice. I find it gets too watery! Your choice!!

* I also omit the nuts as the Pistachio pudding has them in it already and I find it is enough for my family. Again, your choice! More nuts will give this a more crunchy texture.

You simply mix it all up.  Take the pudding mix, add the pineapple with the juices. Stir in the mini marshmallows and then slowly fold in cool whip. I add the pecans, if I'm using them, at the very end.

That's it! There you have it. Stick it in the fridge for an hour or so and then enjoy.

This is truly a timeless recipe that I know my kids are going to love! I loved it as a kid and I am sure that yours will to! Enjoy this marshmallowy- green slime inspired dessert!

And go ahead and watch one or both of these silly movies - we could all use more silliness!

Check back on November 2 with Kimberly at Coffee & Casseroles to see the full round up of other Ghostbusters inspired recipes!  I can't wait to see what others did!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Party in Your PJs #179

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Lynda's Features!

In just a couple of days, my husband and I are headed off for a two week trip to Stuttgart, Germany where me daughter's family is stationed (that's Jackie, my co-editor and writer here on RCH!).  We've been planning for this trip for nearly two years and are very excited that it is finally coming to pass.  Right now, our life is a little complex but it won't impact our long awaited journey and right now spending some time with my family and our delightful grandkids is exactly what's needed.

So, I've got travel on my mind this week and many of you shared your own travels in last week's party! So - grab a mug of your favorite beverage and then enjoy a bit of armchair travel - may it inspire you to explore the area around you and plan for a faraway visit somewhere else.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to: Half Frankenstein Halloween makeup


Halloween is, oh, only the best holiday ever. It is so great, in fact it is my wedding anniversary.  Happy 10 years, babe! For the first five years of my marriage, I did not get dressed up out of respect for the sacred-ness of getting married on that day. Being the makeup artist I am, I decided 5 years is good, and I started getting dressed up again!

I am also competitive, mainly with myself. So every year I have to out-do myself.

Today, I'm going to show you what I did in 2015 for Halloween. I didn’t take enough pics of what I did for last year's awesomeness, so this is what you get, peeps.

The first thing that I do to plan year after year is search Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for spooky inspiration. This process usually takes weeks, and I find a few things I like and will create from a compilation.

While researching for this, I found and fell in love with Lex from Made Yew Look. She is down to earth, a great artist, and is fun to follow. I used much her video, and made some tweaks.

FrankensteinMakeup Tutorial (MadeYewLook)

One of the things I did differently was to use liquid latex to create the center wound.  Lex was able to use a Mehron Special Effects kit which I did not have access to. Instead I went to my local costume shop, Disguise the Limit.

Liquid latex is very similar to lash glue. I found that it is easy to build up, so I was able to make the edges of the wound thinner, and thicker toward the center. In the video, Lex cut the wound open, however with the liquid latex, I found it was easier to create the two sides of the wound separately.

The latex does take quite a while to dry, so ensure you have about 32 years available. (hah!)

I did my eye makeup before hand, but realized later that I could have better used my time creating the wound, then doing the eyes.

I did them smoky with purple, inspired by Lex, and color theory. Purple is a great compliment to the green. Lex used a cooler green than I did, as was the purple, I went with warmer hues to make it a bit more different.

The liquid latex dried a milky clear, and absorbed any color I laid over it very nicely. I used a primer all over first, then mixed a green and white face paint with my regular foundation for a hue of green.

I contoured with green face paint at the hair line, cheek bone and jawline, then set with a translucent powder. I then used a variety of green eyeshadows to create more depth with further contouring. For blush I used a very bright pink just on the apple of my cheek.

As Lex showed, I used a brown eye shadow in the center of the wound before using fake blood, though I decided I should have used more to make the blood darker.

For the stitching, I found the thread I had, even though it was thick, was still too thin. I used a sparing bit of liquid latex as glue to triple and twist the thread. I used a brown eye liner to create the "holes" that the stitching needed.

I made the string too long in my practice round, but loved that as I made faces, and changed expression, it showed that the thread was real stitching, not just drawn on lines.

I used the Liquid latex as glue to attach the thread to my face where the stitches would enter the wound.

I did a basic beauty makeup for the other side, adding a plum color eyeshadow, and blush on the far side of the wound, to create "irritation" to the skin. Add realism.

Taking the wound off was easy an relatively painless. Again, think lash glue. Or Elmer's glue when you were a kid, and had to peal it off. What is super cool, is the stitching came off at the same time.

I am so glad that I practiced before the big night.

I got a better feel for the makeup I don’t use daily, latex, blood, stitching, green all over my face…

I also looked at other Halloween makeup ideas, and decided I wanted more drama with veins.

For the veins, I took a basic triangular sponge, gouged irregular holes in it. I then dipped the sponge in a dark green eyeshadow powder, and sponged the veins in place, never going over the same place twice.

Again, I like the drama, and am competitive, so had to out do my practice round.

This was accomplished with a better executed wound, but then I also extended the center wound down my chest, onto my collar bone, and on my hand.

I used a liquid liner to create cracks coming off the wound, and eye.

I used more brown beneath the blood, and extended the veins onto my chest.

On the Frankenstein side I used dark green to vein, and on the beauty side I used purples, and a deep red color shadow.

I already had purple contacts, and decided again to be like Lex and go with the yellow eye. Everywhere I went, they were out of neon green, my first choice. The result was still awesome though!

I have no idea what I will be doing this year, as usual I will go big, not home.

I still have tons of the liquid latex even after a practice round before the big night, so I plan on using that again. That’s about all I know!